The EBBC Way

As a member of EBBC, I commit to lead a purpose-driven life by:


  • Experiencing more of the power and presence of God daily; for God inhabits the praise of His saints.
  • Faithfully attending my small group and worship services.
  • Surrendering every area of my life to God, to please him.


  • Growing in my ability to share and show my love to others.
  • Sharing my real needs for prayer and support with others.
  • Resolving conflict constructively, willing to forgive quickly.


  • Spending time with God regularly through spiritual habits.
  • Experiencing more of the character of Jesus Christ.
  • Spending time with someone who encourages my growth.


  • Discovering and developing my God-given SHAPE.
  • Serving once a month or more in ministry in the church.
  • Praying regularly for God to show me opportunities to serve.


  • Cultivating relationships with non-christians.
  • Inviting unsaved and unconnected people to church.
  • Sharing my faith with those who need to know Christ.